About Us

Hello Mexican Flavours lovers of the world, if you landed here you most likely are interested in the story behind Ikomex.co.uk this online shop of Mexican products. The story is simple, the people behind Ikomex are native Mexicans expatriated for over ten years, being living in various places of the globe, finding that everywhere we’ve been, the perception of what the flavours of Mexico are and what Mexican food is, is always misunderstood and distorted.

At Ikomex we want to bring Mexican produce that truthfully represents the corn race foodie trends and habits. Having a background in the food industry and having been trained professionally in the culinary arts, we look for the specialty products less available in the market and ingredients that would allow to create proper and authentic Mexican food rather than Tex-Mex, Brite-Mex or any other Mexican wannabe cuisine packed with cumin, disgracing avocados and confusing the use of peppers and salsas in food.

In Mexico we have a sense of what spice needs to be used with what food. In regards to chiles, it is something intrinsic to Mexicans, something that is embedded in our DNA, we do not use tajin for pasta unless it is our last resource,  here at Ikomex.co.uk we try to do more than sell products, we share our recipes and our tips on how to use the ingredients we sell. If you ever have a question on how to use Mexican products/ingredients you can email us at chef at ikomex dot co dot uk, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.